ST Forum May 18, 2010: Death of Dr Goh Keng Swee

Who died? “My children had no clue… Introduce current affairs as a subject.”

When news of Dr Goh’s passing was broadcast, my primary- and secondary school-aged children asked who he was and why there was so much coverage on him. The same thing happened with my children in 2006 when another of our founding fathers, Mr S. Rajaratnam, died. They had no clue who these titans were or about the difficulties Singapore faced in the transformation from a Third World to a First World country in one generation. I remember having a keen interest in current affairs when I was young – I bugged my Chinese-educated parents to subscribe to The Straits Times when I was 11 years old. I have not stopped reading the newspapers since. Today, we subscribe to several newspapers, but our children are not interested in the news. There is a need to introduce current affairs as a subject, even as early as in primary school, to pass on the legacy of our founding fathers and nurture new generations of citizens who will be keenly appreciative of developments around us.



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