ST Forum May 4, 2010: Puzzle over airline’s transit ticket demand

The Straits Times | Tue, May 4 2010

I BOUGHT a one-month return ticket for my maid for her home leave to Palembang on Lion Air on April 17, transiting at Jakarta.

But when I called her that night, I was shocked to find out that the airline’s counter staff in Jakarta would not let her fly to Palembang, saying her employer had paid for her ticket only to Jakarta, when it was clearly stated on the e-ticket that she was to take the 2.25pm connection flight.

My maid said she showed the ticket to the counter staff but they said “no” and made her pay another one million rupiah ($150) for a one-way ticket from Jakarta to Palembang. It was a lot of money for an internal flight, but she paid as there was no other way.

When buying the ticket, I was told at Lion Air’s Singapore office that it could not process a check-in all the way, but was given the assurance that the airline’s Jakarta staff would take care of transit arrangements for my maid.

The confusion could have been avoided easily if Lion Air had allowed boarding passes for the connection flight to be issued at the airport of origin (in this case Singapore).

Now I dread to think of her return trip a month from now.

I hope Lion Air will do more to ensure that its processes do not inconvenience passengers.

Yee Jenn Jong


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