TNP Jun 25, 2004: Some who struck out on their own

THEY were once employees in the civil service or with large private corporations.

Now, as bosses of their own companies, Mr Lim Der Shing and Mr Yee Jenn Jong provide jobs for dozens of Singaporeans.

Mr Lim, 29, had worked with SembCorp Industries for eight months before quitting to set up a campus recruiting company in 1999.

Jobsfactory, started with his girlfriend (now his wife) Huang Shao Ning, now employs 11.

Mr Yee, 39, who spent six years in government service, two of these at a statutory board he wouldn’t name, founded e-learning courses and education technology provider AsknLearn in 2000. It currently employs 50.

Mr Yee sees more benefits than just job creation for Singaporeans when entrepreneurial start-ups like AsknLearn spring up.

‘The call for entrepreneurship by the Government is not just for job creation, but to enable Singapore to plug in quickly to opportunities in the new global economy,’ said Mr Yee.

‘Without a vibrant group of entrepreneurs, it will be hard for Singapore to regionalise quickly. Hopefully, some of these new SMEs run by savvy entrepreneurs will develop into big global names, like Creative, Informatics or Hyflux.’

(rest of article deleted)


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