Sandstorm in middle east

It was sudden. It was unexpected. Kuwait had its biggest sandstorm in the memories of even my friend Dr Mansour who should be in his 60s. I was told we were fortunate to arrive on 26 March. The sandstorm was on 25 March and it swept across the Arabian gulf, covering Kuwait, parts of Saudi and UAE. Some are reported dead or missing after the sandstorm which reduced visibility to zero in some areas. It was impossible to land a plane. No wonder the sky in Abu Dhabi where we transited at was cloudy and misty. Today on 27 March, the sky is bright and clear once more. There are noticeably more sand on the roads but things are back to normal.

Much of the middle east and arab world are in a different sandstorm, a political sandstorm sweeping across Tunisa, Libya, Eygpt, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Syria and more. It was sudden, it was unexpected. It was sparked by the self-immolation of a poor desparate youth in Tunisa on 17 Dec 2010. Unlike the sandstorm that came and went swiftly that caused some inconveniences and a few deaths, this political sandstorm will have a much larger and longlasting impact. Kuwait is fortunately more peaceful as they have a democratic system for some time already. No one in the middle east can fully predict the outcome. Which country will succumb next, what will happen? We can only hope it will result in a better world for the hundreds of millions of Arabs once the sandstorm has settled,  and those who died will not be in vain.

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