Futile exercise to keep sand and dust out?

There was much talk about dust and sand in Kuwait City, especially after a major sandstorm a few days ago. As the sandstorm was sudden and unexpected, some had left the windows opened, leaving a layer of around 10cm thick of sand inside the homes. Even those who had shut every door and window, there were still sand and dust inside the homes. Sand and dust will simply slip through tiny cracks and gaps.

 The Kuwaitis tell me it is impossible to keep the dust out. After cleaning the house, you will inevitably find a new layer of dust soon.

Singapore ruling party has tried for many years to keep opposition out, through GRC, through election carrots like flats upgrading and through gerrymandering. The ruling party probably sees opposition as sand and dust to be fixed. ‘Dust’ have progressively come in since JBJ entered as the first opposition MP in Singapore in 1981 since independence. The mechanisms to keep the doors and windows shut are still in place, but if the sandstorm gets bigger, more sand and dust will inevitably slip in.

GE2011 will be interesting to watch. How many opposition will enter the doors of parliament? How serious are the election issues to raise a big enough sandstorm to let more opposition in? Has the opposition raised enough quality candidates to match that of the ruling party? Time will tell.

Sand/Dust Storm at Iraq Airbase

Image: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/photo/view/sand_dust_storm_at_iraq_airbase/46040#


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