News from my campaign trail – GE2011

Captured by Straits Times while visiting homes at Opera Estae

Feature by Sinmin Daily after walkabout at Nee Soon at my first WP public outreach appearance

4 comments on “News from my campaign trail – GE2011

  1. Dear Mr Yee Jenn Jong,

    It was a pleasure to meet you today during your walk-about in Opera Estate. I do wish you and your party all the best. You do have our support.

    The current Joo Chiat SMC comprises of middle and upper class housing. Yet, the people within have been here a very long time, and for many generations. There is a rich heritage and history in the areas of Telok Kurau, Dunbar, Frankel, Siglap and Opera , and I think parts of Katong, which is now coming under this artificially created Joo Chiat. I hope this is not forgotten.

    • I mean to add, although its is a middle and upper class residential estate, the people who live in these parts may not neccesarily be of that same class.

  2. Hi Jenn Jong,
    How can I forget that name?? When my dear friend, now your wife introduced you to me about 22 years ago, I was thrilled by your unique name. Oh my, how many years have passed? I am really glad that you are standing as Opposition member in my constituency. This year’s general elections has been exciting to follow.
    Someone was standing at my gate two weeks ago, but I was busy and my daughters refused to attend to him as they were not too well clad to appear in public. So I had to rush to the gate with a disgruntled look on my face. I guess he must have observed the annoyance (not directed at him anyway!) on my face and very gently handed me a pamphlet and told me to read it when I can. He was gone and as I walked back into my I noticed this very familiar name!! I thought it was you, but confirmed it when i visited your blog.
    I was hoping to catch you and your wife along my estate. Better luck next time.
    Wishing you all the best. I really hope JOO CHIATERS will give a chance and not chicken out on polling day!!
    Hey, Joo Chiaters, I know Jenn Jong as a businessman promoting AsknLearn, he has heart and is really sincere!!!!

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