My presentation at WP’s candidates introduction, 25 April 2011


My presenation at WP


4 comments on “My presentation at WP’s candidates introduction, 25 April 2011

  1. Jenn Joong,

    I do not have the speaker to hear what you said. Let me 1st wish you success. The most important thing you need to do in the following days at every opportunity is to talk on bread and butter issues and other issues that affect a lot of Singaporeans. If you keep focusing on talking these issues to give the impression that you are sincere and very concerned about the welfare of Singaporeans. I think your chances of winning will be very good as your opponent is as new as you. Just remember – people are selfish, if you’re interested in their affairs, they will in turn get interested in you. Perhaps you may like to look at the following issues which can give you some good inspirations to draft your speech. Here is my link

  2. Hi, do you agree that life is too stressful in Singapore and that our education system places too much stress on the students and that school holidays should be school holidays and schools should be not be allowed to call students back to school on school holidays for more than 10% of the total number of days for the holiday? (ie. 30 days of holiday, maximum 3 days can be called back)

    There should be more family time spent with families and parents with children should be given extra time off from work provided they prove that they spend it with their children and also there are too many foreigners (not counting malaysians, malaysians are okay they’re like sama-sama anyway)! It’s okay if those foreigners adapt to Singapore but they seem to expect Singapore to adapt to them (referring to a particularly large group of a particular country’s citizens being seen almost every corner of Singapore) They don’t even speak English, much less Singlish!

    thank you. please respond so that i can vote for u (:

  3. Lastly, most important of all, are you going to be a FULL TIME MP if elected? This is the moneyshot – you have my vote if you can keep a promise to be a full time MP once elected and be easily reachable anytime during normal working hours. I’d like an MP that actually cares to be on the ground, and not working elsewhere and then attending parliament as a CCA -.-

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