Reverse freak result – zero opposition members

PAP leaders warned of freak result of losing the PAP as government should voters decide to just throw their lot in with opposition because they want alternative voices.

Now there’s a real danger there could be a freak result the other way – that there will be no elected opposition member of parliament now that Mr Low and Mr Chiam have moved out of their comfort zone of Hougang and Potong Pasir respectively.

Do you want to have credible alternative voices to speak for you in parliament and to give a proper debate to the PAP? Do you want to send a signal to the ruling party that all these gerrymandering, wrongful use of national resources as elections carrot for upgrading, lack of debate over many issues, and mishandling of policies such as housing and immigration over the past 5 years are not to be tolerated?

If so, vote for an alternative. Vote for building credible alternatives for the long term insurance of Singapore. If you waiver in your determination to support the alternative cause, Singapore could end up with zero elected opposition member come 7 May. Choose your vote carefully!


11 comments on “Reverse freak result – zero opposition members

  1. As a voter, I am very concerned about the misuse of national resources (especially astronomical salaries of cabinet ministers and the president), immigration policies (leading to the high cost of living that we Singapore must now live with), materialism (personified by the casinos) and gerrymandering (a bullying tactic which stifles the public voice). I believe that you and the opposition parties have to speak up for people whom the PAP chooses to ignore. All the best in the GE!!!

  2. If the reverse freak result happens, I can only say all of us deserve to be screwed up big time ! We will have no right to complain anymore! What kind of rubbish policies they throw upon us, we have to accept them and even have to say thank you for ill-treating us. We deserve to be looked down by the government who thinks foreigners are more talent than us ! We deserve to be abused by them! We deserve to be taken for granted by them! Those young and capable ones should consider migrating!

  3. Hi, will you be speaking at a rally? Do you also stand for what Mr Low, Ms Lim and Mr Chen (WP) have talked about in their rally and speeches? Thanks.

    • Yes, we will all have to make some speeches. Tonight (29/4) I will be a speaker at the Aljunid’s rally at Serangoon stadium.

      I stand with the party and my colleagues in their beliefs. I have not yet identified any area of major concern I cannot agree with.

      • Hi, I was at the rally and I heard your speech. A lot of issues that I am concerned with have been covered during the rally. I am also looking forward to the house visits you have planned out. Thank you for your reply, and I wish you all the best.

  4. Certainly there is a need for the ruling party to account for all policies that they have bulldozed into our lives.only MPs other than from their camp can do this for us. I will vote for WP.this election will show whether singsporeans are really mature and not blinded by what is happening in our nation.if indeed results show 87 for PAP then I have nothing more to say n do not see the reason for being here

  5. Hi fellow voters,

    We understand that the raising cost and inflation is currently a global issue. but please remember that the past 5 years we seen a huge number of issues surfacing: security issue of mas selmat, over crowding of trains and transport, higher medical cost, housing issue, mismanagement of the YOG budget. Several decades I always heard our Mr. Goh comparing us with Swiss standard but why the past several years we are taking a step back and comparing us with neighbouring countries like Thailand, Myanmmar, Indonesia? Do we want to always compare with someone behind us and with that not moving forward?

    And to my astonishment in a recent channel 8 program of 梦摇将 that highlight the plight of fellow Singaporeans abandon and left helplessly by the society. I asked myself, most of us doesn’t have the worries like those living in middle east and north africa or our neighbouring fellow Japanese but why are there still Singaporeans facing such plight of looking for a simple 3 meals and roof over their head? Didn’t they know there was social welfare or are Singaporeans so selfish not to even bring social welfare to them? Then I realise that seeking assistance from social welfare is not as easy as we thought. In a society like here there are still a lot of people who are in needs. Then what about those who are caught in between? They have no avenue to social welfare but except to bury themselves in work and loans through their old age.

    Do we want such life for the future and our children? Come 7th May I know I need to do something for the future.

    • The rich – poor divide has gotten bigger. More are getting left behind. Singapore follows the rule of the jungle… the fittest win. The weakest perish.

      I used to own a childcare in a poor area in Singapore. I saw first hand how poor and neglected some kids were. Tried to get some social help for them. Different organisations send us to different places. I didn’t have a heart to charge some of those really poor and they ended up owing us several thousand dollars in fees even after whatever subsidies we could get for them. Couldn’t get proper help for them to have fees covered. I guess they will say send them to PCF or NTUC then they can get bigger subsidy. Anyway, I sold off the centre as I had another business to look after. It was a first hand experience appreciating the problems of the poor and how getting assistance can be quite a painful process. Hope it has gotten better since.

  6. i can feel you can understand the pains of the ordinary singaporeans. As a mother, i
    like to convey to your parents that they have raised you well !! It takes a lot of
    courage for them to let you be the person you want to be..and support you. For my daughter who is world debator choose to have her privacy despite she As 3 Languages.
    I wonder do i fail as parent or our political climate is to blame ?!

    • Dear Felice

      Thanks. My parents will certainly be happy to hear of your compliments.

      I think each will have their own aspirations. Taking part in politics requires conviction. I wasn’t always convicted and it took a long process of gradual awareness. I think with greater opening up of the political scene in Singapore, more will progressively become more aware and participate in their own way. Let nature take its course.

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