I Wish My Children SUCCESS! – A poem by an anonymous mother

I received this email from a mother who prefers to remain anonymous. The poem was a response to 2 forum articles in The Straits Times, Sat 17 (“Pace of paper chase too stressful for pupils” and “Something’s wrong if children don’t have time to read“). She is tired of the paper chase too!

I Wish My Children SUCCESS!
Expectations of society
I have energy, lots of it, to invest into the lives of my children.
I have resources, lots of it… how to use them for my children?
I have networks, lots of it… how to turn them into an advantage for my children?
I am afterall sucessful, well-off and what I do cannot-go-wrong.
Do I need more Math, more Science, more English, more MotherTongue?
Do I need more worksheets, more tuitions, more studies, more drills?
Do I put my children to be analysed, examined, tested, medicated?
School is afterall, well-defined and cannot-go-wrong.
The Tyranny Of School
School has a formula for suceess,
Well-defined pathways, the broad and straight roads.
Is there a road less well-travelled or more windy,
Yet leads to a beautiful destination, a happy and meaningful journey?
The children I have are gems, destined to hold the future of the world,
They are spontaneously imaginative and confidently creativity,
They have fresh perceptions and ingenuis ideas.
The excellent grades in school can wait.
I wish them happiness,
I wish them the world,
I wish they love themselves, I wish they love people.
The excellent grades in school can wait.
The Power Of Our Children
Let’s get our children to connect with people,
To communicate,
To negotiate,
To show empathy.
Help our children gain perspectives,
To know the unwritten,
To understand the unsaid,
Starting with family, friends then the world.
Show our children how to care for the world we live in,
To see how interconnected we are with everyone and everything around us,
To see beauty around us,
To soak up the colours, the warmth and the groans from Mother Earth.
Be a role model to shout the importance of simplicity,
To separate the clutter and the gems,
To keep the things that endear,
To plough through the mandane to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
Tell our children to be confident and unafraid.
They are good in whatever they are good in,
Follow their hearts and deep desires,
The excellent grades in school can wait.

One comment on “I Wish My Children SUCCESS! – A poem by an anonymous mother

  1. Nowadays parents should let their kids free, stop asking them to be lawyers, or doctors. Let the kids follow their hearts, go where their hearts go, as long as they don’t do evil. Let kids have their own path. The old path of studying hard and getting a good job when graduate is getting harder and harder with Singapore’s matured economy. If the kid has talent to be a great singer, musician, dancer, or other non-conventional less glamorous job, let them chase their dreams. Let them free as long as they don’t go astray.

    That should be the thinking of modern parents!

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