Unmoveable support, rain or shine

The feeling was beyond description. The rain came, swift and furious just after 9 pm. It started as a small drizzle and then it poured. And it poured.

The huge crowd, probably 10,000 or more stayed. Umbrellas popped up. Strangers shared umbrellas with one another. They shared with one another anything they had to shield themselves from the rain, be it cardboards, plastics, papers or umbrellas. Some moved to the void deck of the nearby blocks of flats to continue to listen. But most stayed on the field, some without any umbrellas or cover at all. They cheered as they always did, perhaps louder than even before the rain came down. 

They came, without any buses to transport them in. They came, without any free food or prompting by others to do so. They stayed, rain or shine. Nevermind the soggy field. Nevermind the wet clothes. Nevermind even the occasional breeze that magnified the cold.

We were soaked through and through on the stage. I could hardly see through my rain-splattered spectacles. Our clothes were stuck onto our skin, fused as if one. The speakers must have had a hard time; their scripts soaked through; the pieces of paper  stuck together.

You, the supporters are our inspiration. The rain came down hard. No matter. You stayed. You inspired us on. The journey ahead for the work we must do may be like that. There will not always be sunshine. The rain may come swift and heavy at times. There may be troubles from outside; there may even be troubles from within. Being an under-dog in a skewed political environment is never easy. There are detractors who say we are disunited. Yes, there may be individuals whom we cannot please, but we must move on. We will draw inspiration from you, the supporters. For you, we will progress. For you, we must progress.

Thank you, dear supporters.

(Photo by Facebook user Royston Tan: https://www.facebook.com/yeejj.wp#!/photo.php?fbid=10150905555668704&set=t.1500245143&type=1&theater)


4 comments on “Unmoveable support, rain or shine

  1. 患難見真情 – Singaporeans stood their ground as the rain pelted down on the open field ….. even as lightning came and went in a flash! Hougang Spirit became Singapore Spirit.

  2. I bought a WP Umbrella upon reaching the rally site and shared it with a stranger when it rained. WP JIA U !!

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