Blogging about blogging

I was just browsing through some of my old blog entries when I realised that today is the 2nd anniversary of my blog site.

It seemed almost like yesterday that I had decided to create this site. It was a tentative first step. Within the first week, I started by posting whatever I could find of my published letters to the Straits Times and TODAY newspapers. I also shared my reflections sparked by overseas travels made during that month. The next two months, the posts turned more political with the intense activities due to GE2011.

150 blog posts later, I have thoroughly enjoyed this blogging journey. This site has been the place where I share thoughts sparked by news; where I post speeches that I have made in parliament and in rallies; and where I write to seek the views of others on various issues. I have made new friends, including Singaporeans as far off in Finland, UK and USA. Some of the entries are spontaneous pieces, sparked by a moment of inspiration or a sudden thought; just like this post made after a 450-km drive around greater KL and back home at 11 pm. Some pieces are prompted by news or comments by others. Some articles are contributed pieces by readers, whom I have made friends with after they have read my pieces and had written to me to share their thoughts.

This site has grown with my own political journey. These two years have seen four elections (GE2011, PE2011, Hougang and Punggol East by-elections) and various hot issues such as Ministerial Pay, the National Conversation and the Population White Paper. There have been plenty to write about. My favourite topics are related to education, a matter close to my heart and work experiences.

I have enjoyed reading my readers’ comments. As a blogger, I have learnt to accept and value the different viewpoints and opinions. Blogging is like engaging in a conversation with people from all walks of life. Some comments have spurred me to think deeper about the issues and to make subsequent follow up articles.

Thank you for your feedback. They have made my blogging journey a meaningful one.


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