YJJ 4th Rally Speech – 9 Sep 2015

Bedok Rally - 9 Sep 2015

Bedok Rally – 9 Sep 2015

Dear East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC residents, dear Singaporeans. Good evening to you.
This place is special to me because I have many relatives and friends living here. My alma mater, Temasek Junior College, St. Patrick’s School and St. Stephen’s School are near here.

Good evening dear residents of East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC. Dear Singaporeans. I am sure many residents of Marine Parade GRC are here too! I am Yee Jenn Jong, a candidate for the Workers’ Party for the Marine Parade GRC.

During GE2011, I also spoke at this stadium. Today, I am happy that we have very good candidates for East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC. I have worked with fellow NCMP Gerald Giam on many parliament and party work. He is hardworking and passionate. Daniel Goh has been a key pillar for our policy research. I often worked with Leon Pereira in policy research on economics. Fairoz is a committed and very principled person. Dennis Tan first joined me doing house visits in 2011. He has since been involved diligently in many aspects of the Party’s work. I am very happy that he is our candidate for Fengshan SMC, because many of my relatives live here, and they will be well taken care of by Dennis when you elect him into parliament.

As you have heard, the Blue sky will come up first in the east. And with the blue sky, will also be the blue Marine. Remember: Marine is blue, not white! Please vote for our candidates in East Coast, Fengshan, Marine Parade and in the other constituencies that we are contesting in!

Today, I want to talk about a topic close to my heart – Fear.

Fear is real and personal to me. The first fear I wish to talk about is fear of being an active participant in the political process.

Fear had kept me from being involved in the Workers Party until 2011. I had long wished to be part of the fight for a better Singapore by building a stronger alternative to the PAP. I had been a critic of policies in the forum pages of newspapers and in government’s policy workgroups which I had been a member of.

Taking the stand against the PAP in the political arena was something else. I remembered that in 1994, prominent government critic Catherine Lim was taken to task by then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong for stepping over the Out-of-Bound or OB Markers. Mr Goh had told Ms Lim that if a person wishes to comment regularly on politics, the person should do it in the political arena. I was also a critic, and one who did not yet dare to do it in the political arena.

Many of the contracts in my businesses were with the government. Even after I had sold away my main business, I had to deal with the fear in my close family members. I had to deal with their strong objections for me to be in the opposition. I am thankful that eventually, I received their blessings in time to take part in the last GE. They have since become some of my strongest supporters.

Having taken that leap of faith, I have learnt that I can overcome fear. As long as one is responsible and rational, people will accord you respect. My businesses are still mostly with the government. It has not suffered. I am especially grateful that my alma mater, Temasek Junior College gave me the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2013, two years after I had enter opposition politics. My friends have not deserted me.
For Singapore to have a credible alternative, we need people unafraid to step into the political arena. Today, we present to you 28 candidates. I know there can be more. People need to overcome their inner fear.

The second fear I want to talk about is the fear in some voters that your vote is not secret. I know it is secret because I had taken part in the last GE and we had witnessed the ballot papers being sealed in boxes after counting, with our signatures on the seal of the boxes. The boxes are taken to be burnt 6 months later. We have the responsibility to check that our seals are still intact on the boxes before they are burnt.

Two days ago, I was in a condominium doing a town hall-styled presentation with residents. This question was asked. One of my volunteers, a medical doctor in a restructured hospital, shared with the group that he has openly made known that he has been and will be voting the opposition, and he continues to receive his promotions.

Your vote is your sacred choice. You can choose freely who you wish to support. You need not fear how you vote. I have been voting for the opposition for many elections already and I have not been deprived of opportunities, nor have my businesses been affected.

The third fear is the fear of a freak result. At every GE, the PAP will tell you about freak results in one way or another. Now with all 89 seats being contested, they are saying it again.

Firstly, it is extremely difficult for an opposition to win in an election, especially in seats that the PAP is the incumbent. I know this, because I had worked very hard in GE2011 and came 1% short. The closer you are to the 50% mark, the harder it is to win the extra swing voter. But we will continue to work hard.

The PAP knows the election results by precincts, which they can study to decide electoral boundaries. The GRC system works to their benefits as they can decide the best configuration to strengthen their chances.

In any case, election results reflect the will of you, the people of Singapore. Election results should be respected.

Fourth, is the fear that investors will go away if the results are not favourable to the PAP. We should not be having this fear. Many developed countries, including those with population sizes comparable to Singapore, are able to have change of government without issues.

It is more risky to put all our eggs with one party. What if the current ruling party fails? All the more, we need to ensure the future of Singapore by ensuring that there will be continued good leadership in the alternative camp. This GE, you see many young and professionally competent candidates that the Workers’ Party has offered to you. I strongly believe that as we can build up alternatives that are respectable, rational and responsible, investors will not be afraid. The only people who will be afraid will be the PAP!

Finally, there’s the fear that the PAP has been trying very hard to put into you that if you vote the alternative in, your estate will be in a mess. Your town will be messed up. People of Hougang, Aljunied and Punggol East have shown the way. Their lives have gone on as per normal. A couple of days ago, the newspaper reported that residents in Aljunied have seen more of the human touch in their town. After years of the brave voters of opposition wards resisting PAP’s upgrading carrot, the PAP has relented on their bad policy of ‘upgrading for votes’. Today, you see lifts and estates being improved in Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East.

Our commitment, our firm commitment will be to ensure your estate will continue to be run well.

American president Franklin D. Roosevelt had said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Dear Singaporeans. Fear will only set us back. Fear will stop us from realizing what we are capable of. We need to empower ourselves to have a better future.

Come September 11, vote with your heart. Vote without fear. Vote The Workers’ Party. Empower your future!


2 comments on “YJJ 4th Rally Speech – 9 Sep 2015

  1. Hi JJ,

    You and your team are naturally discouraged over the GE results.

    I have some words of encouragement for you and I’ve posted them here.

    Difficult though it may be, with the healing that always come with the passage of time, I think it will all work out for the good of everyone.

    Take care and may you continue to fight the good fight, if ye faint not …

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