Thank you for journeying with us

Below is the gist of the impromptu speech I delivered when the result for Marine Parade GRC was announced on polling night:

Dear voters of Marine Parade GRC, dear supporters of the Workers’ Party, dear Singaporeans.

It has been 7 weeks since we were thrust into the battle for Marine Parade GRC when the EBRC report was announced. It has been a very tiring 7 weeks as we pounded the streets day and night to make up ground.

We are very grateful to supporters and residents whom we have met that have shown us your care and love. We are very touched by the volunteers who have put in hundreds of hours each of toil and sweat to help us see to every aspects of our campaign, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. You have been most wonderful. Thank you!

I am very proud of my team who have run a good campaign. Although Marine could not be blue this time, we believe one day it will!

I pray that the young and passionate candidates whom we have offered to you for this GE will find it in them to overcome the setback in this GE and continue on the journey with you, so that we can move together on the long and difficult road of building a rational, responsible and respectable alternative for Singapore.

Thank you.


Separately, our team were out and about this morning in our preambulatory truck across the GRC to thank residents. It was a day of bad haze that clouded the place. Despite, the haze, our team kept our spirits up as we greeted residents and waved to them from afar. Thank you for your support. The Workers’ Party thanks all friends and supporters for being with us through this challenging campaign. We will take lessons from this as we move forward to the next battle.

Setting off from Siglap / Frankel Street

Setting off from Siglap / Frankel Street

Winding through Ubi / Paya Lebar

Winding through Ubi / Paya Lebar

Residents waving from high up their flats and shouting "Workers' Party!" to you

Residents waving from high up their flats and shouting “Workers’ Party!” to us

Greeting cars at every traffic stops

Greeting cars at every traffic stops

Chatting with supporters at traffic junctions

Chatting with supporters at traffic junctions



6 comments on “Thank you for journeying with us

  1. You have work very hard Mr Yee. We do understand the politics in Singapore is never easy. But you have show us your sincere heart that you dare to fight. Rest and recuperate your energy. Worker Party is still our only hope.

    God Bless you and your Family.

  2. Mr Yee a big thank you to your team for putting up a very impressive campaign! Well done!!! Please keep up the good work. Workers party supporters are all behind you and your team. Workers party is our only hope to speak for the citizens of Singapore!!!!!

  3. Hi JJ (well that is how team Marine Blue addresses you),

    Thank you. Thank you for sacrificing and dedicating your life to make Singapore a better place for us to live in. Thank you for fighting for our rights. Thank you for standing against those who oppressed us from our freedom and rights.

    It is painful to see that all the effort you’ve put in, all ended up with you losing. I can see the utterly disappointed face of yours when you gave the speech last night. Hope you dont give up and fight this crusade against those oppressing us.

    Once again, Thank You Mr Yee Jenn Jong

  4. Voters in Singapore are knowledgeable and wise. The change is vote percentage shows the government has patched up many of the GE2011 potholes. They did react (whether result of opp or their own hindsight). But the fatal wound for WP is self-induced. Claiming to be alternative voice but no clear or better alternative strategies for SG100 with a dubious or stained admin record made WP vulnerable. To be true alternative, work on doing better than PAP with workable solutions.

    • Jenn Jong, thank you for the hard work for us these past weeks. Like many, i myself was shocked and disappointed by the election results.
      Yours is a very difficult job where the people dont appreciate much as we wish they could. Please do not be too disheartened. Am sure God in his timing will allow good people like yourself to shine through one day.
      I, and many others, still love you guys.
      Thank you!!!


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