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Linkedin page: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=1211486&trk=tab_pro

I am a passionate Singaporean who love to share my views on socio-politics, economics, education and just about anything which I feel can improve our country and the world.

I was a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament from 2011-2015 and am an entrepreneur in the education sector.

A profile of myself:


St Stephen’s, St Patrick’s, Temasek Junior College, NUS Computer Science (Hons), MSc. (NUS), MBA Banking & Finance (NTU)

TJC Academic Excellence Prize and Computer Science Book Prize, NUS Lijen Industrial Award prize, OCBC Bank scholar


Past (Full-Time): Teaching Assistant (NUS), Senior IS Officer (TDB), Group GM (KinderWorld group), Founder & CEO (ASKnLearn).

Past (Part-Time): Various part-time lecturing and teaching positions with NIE (Specialist Diploma in Instructional Design), NYP (Entrepreneurship), KinderWorld and Kinderland (Early Childhood – Diploma in Leadership), YMCA Education (Cert. Student Care).

Past (selected): Handled Singapore schools engagement for Singapore2010 Odyssey project for Singapore Technologies, designed and developed Certificate in Student care course for YMCA Education, owned and operated preschools in Singapore and in Malaysia.

Current: Co-Founder (The Learning Grid, 360 Education, Ignium Acasdemy), Education Entrepreneur & consultant, Start-up Mentor

Various Past Appointments and Awards:

Temasek Junior College Distinguished Alumnus 2013

MOE Service to Education (2012, 2017)

Excellence in eLearning, World Education Congress 2012

NUS Sheares Hall (non-resident fellow), Temasek Junior College Advisory Board member (2007-2017),  The Workers’ Party (Treasurer / Webmaster), ACE Startup Committee Member (2011-2017), Temasek Junior College Alumni (past president & EXCO 1990-2013), Singapore Bhutan Foundation (Founding member and Vice Chariman 2011-2014), NUS Computing Alumni (EXCO), Naval Base Primary (School Advisory Committee member), REACH Policy Study Workgroup on Education & Human Capital (member), National InfoComm Education Workgroup (member), Singapore IT Federation E-Learning Chapter (EXCO), Centre for Non-Profit Leadership (EXCO), St. John’s Ambulance Brigade (officer), Boys’ Brigade (officer).

Religion: Christianity

Published by: Yee Jenn Jong c/o 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3, Entrepreneur Business Centre #03-01 S(415978)



31 comments on “About Me

  1. Greetings Mr. Yee. Great having you and your team swing by for a breather earlier. Fancy that, finding out from your blog that we’re old boys of the same secondary school. Best of luck in the upcoming elections!

  2. Mr Yee, thanks for dropping by just now, and happy to know you are passionate about a better, balanced Singapore , wishing you the best in the coming election – “Potest Qui Vult “

  3. JJ, met you some time ago while you were at Ask n Learn, while I was a Hp Business Partner covering the MOE/Schools account.
    Just met up with Mike Ng, a close friend of mine, told me that you could be a possible candidate for Joo Chiat SMC.
    Looks to catch up with you in Siglap vicinity.


    • Cool Sebastian. Elections bring forth lots of people I have lost contact with 🙂 Been linking up with people I have not met since leaving school. Stay in touch!

  4. Hi Mr Yee,

    A quick intro…I am 32, and living in Joo Chiat constituency as well.

    I have read your posts with great interest, and I like your thoughts and perspectives so far. This blog is a good way for people to learn more about who you are, and your views on certain matters (especially since you are relatively new to the political scene, compared to your opponent).

    I may have missed your previous walkabouts, so I would like to find out more about what you stand for (in terms of policies for Singapore, e.g. housing, employment, healthcare, etc.), what issues are close to your heart, your plans for Joo Chiat SMC should you get elected, and also why constituents should vote for you.

    I believe I am not the only one interested in hearing from you about the points I mentioned. It would be great if you could address these in a blog post soon. Thank you!

    • Will reply soon as a new post re what I feel is needed for Joo Chiat. As for my views on the areas you stated, I am consistent with our party’s manifesto which can be downloaded from WP website: http://wp.sg. The areas I will passionately pursue will be entrepreneurship, SMEs, economy, education as these are areas I have extensive experience in. I will raise views on other areas in parliament too, if elected. Thanks!

      • I am resident of Joo Chiat, I like to give some information with you, especially Foreign worker and Business problem facing in Singapore.

        1.Foreign Labour
        There are a lot of jobs, which Singaporean can do. For example, You look at the Immrigation at Airport, even polling station, all the security guards today are taken by Foreign worker. Companies like Aetos and Cisco ( Both are government linked companies), they have the quota for foreigner, they should stop employing foreigner and give all to Singaporean. They employed tens of thousands at 30% to 40% are foreigners.

        What is this, Security job are not difficult job like Construction sector where we can understand NO singapore wants to work.

        Why is GLC doing all this, and they have special preference today by all government department. Yet they were the culprit.

        2. Economic Policy

        All Government Agencies give special preference to GLC, and deprive the local business a chance.

        Example: SLA ( Singapore Land Authority) will provide special treatment to GLC Company in tender. This happen when Capital land tender the old Bungalow and their price is 3rd but they were awarded. The reason given by SLA is that they can do better job than private companies in term of renting out the Bungalow.

        HDB will award prime shop space to NTUC or other GLC at cheaper price than private business. That is unfair business practice, and deprive our local Singaporean in term of opportunity. Their reason is NTUC can do better job, others like Shop and Save and Sheng Song cannot do. In reality they are protecting the GLC. However GLC like NTUC will also be given Grants whereas Private company ( Sorry lah).

        Singapore Pools – License given to local operator last time ( 10 to 15 years ago). But today they will only give to GLC like NTUC only. Their reason is NTUC can mange better whereas local business cannot match them.

        The local business is suffering because of the Government statutory Board is not transparent, and set double standard by giving special preference to GLC.
        How can the local business compete with them. They have better area, better rental, easy access to funds ( Tax payer money),grants etc., Local business were deprived from their business.

        Lastly, I will vote for you. Please keep it up. We are fed up with the present government and the policy.

    • Thanks. Will post soon on my thoughts about Joo Chiat. As for other areas, my views are consistent with the Party’s manifesto, which can be downloaded from http://wp.sg. Doing some campaigning in day and rallies at night. Look forward to your support.

      • Thank you for your post addressing the issues above. If I may make a humble suggestion…it might be good if you could help voters further differentiate yourself from Charles Chong. After all, he would also be going along the same lines, to help the needy, involve residents, and develop Joo Chiat SMC to be a nice environment in which to live and raise families.

        For a start, it is to your advantage that you live in Joo Chiat and you know the ground (not sure if Charles Chong lives in Joo Chiat too). You said it well when you mentioned that whatever policies/developments etc. which are put in place in Joo Chiat will also affect you, and you will experience what the residents experience.

        Do keep blogging and using social media. Thanks for running.

    • Charles live in Pasir Ris-Punggol area I believe. He has been a 5-term MP and I respect him for what he has done elswehere.

      I can only say at this time that I will do my best and sieve out ideas from ground up and work very hard to get things done. I intend to make up for the ‘disadvantage’ of being in opposition by working harder and more innovatively, as I have proven in my start-ups when I took on much larger and more established competitors and prevailed over them eventually.

      Besides municipal issue, I believe I will be a stronger voice representing Joo Chiat in parliament if elected. I am able to provide stronger alternative views as am not bounded by having to follow PAP’s party whip.

      • Thank you for taking the time amidst your busy schedule to address my questions. It really speaks volumes.

        I am aware that there are greater issues at stake for Singapore as a whole besides the municipal issues in Joo Chiat, and am glad that you will be addressing those in Parliament as well. I hope you will get the chance to represent Joo Chiat in Parliament.

        I have no doubt that you and your colleagues are doing your best. Hope to be able to go down to a WP rally to support you and your team. Stay strong!

  5. I am very encouraged by your blog and that you are sharing your views with the voters. I recently moved to Siglap and hope that you will continue to maintain the wonderful environment that we live in. I share your views (especially in your posts about Bhutan) that happiness should be a priority in all our lives.

    All the best for the GE. You have my full support. I am confident that you can be our alternative voice for the nation.

  6. Hi,

    First, good luck for the GE.

    Next, I apologize if this looks like self-serving spam, but I hope you read on a bit.

    I’ve developed a tool for “rating candidates holistically on multiple criteria”. My intent was to get voters to assess candidates on all relevant criteria. Especially the issues.

    It may be found at: http://vote.individualpreference.info/

    I think we need to take the “quantitative techniques” used to assess alternatives in the public service to assess candidates holistically. Especially to balance the cognitive effects of over discounting the future by forcing people to make explicit judgments (e.g. which is more important: a candidate’s views on issues or electoral promises? by how much?) To quote a snippet of MM Lee’s remarks to the press:

    SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has a simple message for voters in the heat, dust and clamour of the election campaign – he has urged them to look at the fundamentals. In a statement issued just two days before Nomination Day, he reminded Singaporeans not to risk their assets, property values, and job opportunities…

    Issues relate to the future, risking assets, property values and job opportunities in the near and distant future (as well as those of one’s children) should matter as well.

    What I am asking for is that you take some time to take a look at it and, if you think it worthwhile, share this with your readership. I have not been blogging and curating a readership and cannot push this out as effectively. I want to get this out to Singapore net users. The strategy is to go through the politically conscious, and have them involve their less politically conscious friends. It is those people that I would like to reach. I want them to more effectively weigh pork vs issues. (Issues and, thus, the future tend to be hyper discounted by Singaporeans.) I hope you will help.

    (I’m not doing this for self-serving reasons. Publicity of this nature does not really help me. For more details, please contact me at the indicated e-mail address.)

    [This comment is out of place. Feel free to delete it.]

  7. Hi Mr Yee
    Looking forward to having you visit the Jalan Tanah Puteh and Woo Mon Chew area this weekend. Maybe you could come around on a bicycle with a bell – it would alert us of your arrival 🙂

    I agree with the comments that the Constituency is a fairly mature area with needs different from other SMCs. I, for one, welcome a fresh perspective and new ideas to rejuvenate our estate, and this doesn’t just mean physically.

    All the best to you. And btw, I am an ex-TJC-ian too 🙂

  8. Hi Mr Yee,

    As a previously apathetic and cynical youth who stopped caring because I felt things won’t change, this round of campaigning has given me fresh hope! I’m now able to believe that the average Singaporean will have a greater chance of benefiting in society & growing together as a nation with opposition voices.

    Good job on your posts, they are enjoyable and free of clutter typical of political discussions. Though I can’t vote this year, I look forward to choosing WP for Joo Chiat in the next round of elections. All the best for next week’s GE, my thoughts & support will be with you from Australia!

    • Thanks Joyce. While you cannot vote, you can help tell your friends and family to vote WP so you can be sure there will be a Joo Chiat for you to vote for at the next GE. Otherwise, no one can guarantee if Joo Chiat may be cut up or absorbed permanently into some GRC if Charles wins and retires at next GE.

  9. Hi Mr Yee

    I live in Joo Chiat. It is great to hear that you are well acquainted with this area and love it. I have a huge concern regarding the presence and activities of the pubs and karaoke lounges along Joo Chiat Road. The activities at these pubs/lounges are socially unacceptable, have marred the image of this area and affected the property prices negatively. My friends from other constituencies who have come over to Joo Chiat to eat have now stayed away as they do not feel that it is a place that they would like to be in or associate with. Every night, I see foreign ladies walking along the street in very short skirts/shorts soliciting for men. This is a social problem that we have encountered over the last few years and unfortunately the previous MP has not done anything to eradicate these undesiranle activities. I know that a number of Singaporean families have ‘broken up’ as the men in the families have visited these places. Some times, I wonder why the government has allowed these activities to carry on in a private family neighbourhood. Do you have any plans targeted to help eliminate these pubs/karaoke lounges and restore the image of Joo Chiat? If yes, please share your plans. All the best!

    • Dear Lim

      The areas you mentioned are now totally under Marine Parade GRC. I believe SM Goh and team have their plans on tackling the problems. All areas to the west of Still Road is in Marine Parade GRC.

  10. Dear Mr. Yee,

    I met you briefly at Telok Kurau Park where you asked whether I was under Joo Chiat SMC. Even though I stay in Joo Chiat, I am now under Marine Parade GRC. I wish my estate was still under Joo Chiat SMC so I could vote for an MP who lives in the area and knows the issues residents face.

    I hope I will have the chance to do so in the next elections. In the meantime, I wish you all the best in the upcoming elections. Even though I am not in Joo Chiat SMC, I know if you win you will still represent people like me in national issues.

  11. You are way way more respectuful than Charles Chong even though this is your first election! when you speak, its evey words from your hear and i can feel it. All the best!

  12. Dear JJ,

    Congrats on a job very well done!
    And also for the NCMP position.
    If you continue in Joo Chiat, I’m sure it will be yours in the next election.

    No Failure; Only Success Delayed.
    Michael Lum

  13. Can you please ask in parliament why MAS do not regulate the so many so called S-chips
    companies who are suspended due to many colourful reasons that caused thousands of
    retail investors to incur big financial losses ? you see, even AVA will make sure the food we import are safe for consumptions . Our SGX wants to be top financial centre at the
    expense of local investors and to let singaporeans use CPF to invest in shares is the most
    unthinkable idotic’ idea by GCT. Please check how many singaporeans lost their retiring
    savings all these years and they just glossed over the issue . How can they only look into the
    beauty-salons $$ schemes when troubles blew up ? people paid upfront for 12 – 24 mths of advances without services rendered and the saloons proprietors ran disappeared overnights .This has been allowed for many years. Who should be the watchdogs ? some say CASE ? Finace Ministry ? Even Hire purchase, you can take
    your TV home after 10% deposit and enjoy BUT for this, you paid thousands of dollars
    for services not rendered ?? There are so many schemes like investing Wine Index,
    Oil Pots in canada and Property plots in England… All of these i mention have ‘cheated’
    singaporeans of hundreds of thousands of dollars…What happen to our so-called goverment watchdogs ? are they sleeping ? I feel sorry for these people because they
    believe whatever available here has been checked and regulated by garmant as they
    said. I was pestered by all these sharks with their ang moh GM trying to convince me
    but i did not fall into their traps. Please check in old newspaper what are the outcome
    and how/wahat our garment going to do. These sharks used to participate in the annual investors fair in Suntec.

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