Beautiful Nature – DPRK

Unlike it’s flatter south cousin, North Korea’s terrain comprises mostly of mountains and hills, separated by deep, narrow valleys. It is mountainous in the north and harder for growing crops. We had traveled out to the countryside and mountains during our visit to DPRK in early autumn, in the southern parts. Here are some photos of the beautiful nature we saw.


 Mountain roads


Take me home, country road


A scenic highway stop from Pyongyang to Wonsan, with a small dam nearby


A stunning waterfall en-route to Wonsan from Pyongyang. This waterfall was only recently rediscovered by the North Koreans and developed for visits. 


One of several waterfalls at Kuryongyon, near Kumgangsan


Rocky road

Streams of water greeted us at every few turns as we made our 4 km hike up the mountain to the waterfalls.


Three-day lake, where reportedly, a king wanted to stay a day here but was so taken by its beauty he stayed three days. The scenery was beautiful but I can’t say the same of the toilet there which I had to use. I can only say, don’t use the toilet if you can help it!


Busy squirrel hoarding its food

Hey, leave me to eat in peace

Bushy tail squirrel hurrying away

Herons resting

Migrating birds

A grasshopper that can camouflage well with the bushes